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Congressman Bill Foster Latest To Support Trump Impeachment Inquiry

CHICAGO (CBS) -- U.S. Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL), is the latest Illinois Democrat to come out in support of an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

In a statement Wednesday, Foster wrote, "I take no pleasure in announcing my support for the House to begin an impeachment inquiry into the President of the United States."

Foster goes on to say that in his work on the Financial Services Committee he has "seen President Trump attempt to block legitimate Congressional investigations into the role of foreign money in transactions by the Trump Organization, Deutsche Bank, and others."

Foster also writes that the Mueller report details at "at least ten" occasions when Mr. Trump took actions to obstruct the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

In a tweet Foster wrote, "It's time for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Under our system of checks and balances, no person – not even the President – should be above the law or immune from facing the consequences of their actions."

Other Illinois Democrats who back an impeachment inquiry are Lauren Underwood, Sean Casten, Jan Schakowsky, Bobby Rush, Robin Kelly, Danny Davis, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia and Mike Quigley.

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