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Chicagoan Arrested In Ferguson Says Police There Are 'Out Of Control'

(CBS) – National Guard troops are starting to pull out of Ferguson, Mo., but the protests continue – and so do the arrests.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker talked to a Chicago man who spent more than five hours behind bars in the St. Louis-area community, which has been racked by unrest since a white police officer fatally shot an unarmed black man.

Max Suchan spent five days in with the protesters, working for the National Lawyers Guild's Legal Observer program, documenting police misconduct.

He got a real up-close look Tuesday night, Suchan says, when he ended up face-down on the ground -- arrested.

"I've seen them treat people like animals," he says.

"I'm a legal observer. I was clearly marked," Suchan adds. "I think that's evidence of how out of control the police are in Ferguson right now."

Ferguson city leaders accuse outside agitators of inciting the crowds. At times, police have responded with tear gas, prompting a fundraiser on gofundme, raising more than $11,000 to buy protection gear for protesters.

Organizer Kristiana Colon says although protesters are preparing for the worst, they are hoping for peaceful protests.

"I think people are tired of feeling like black lives don't matter," she says. "This has become a galvanizing point."




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