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Chicago Teachers Union Begins 3-Day Citywide March

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago teachers are taking to the streets staging protest rallies and marches for three days over the mayor's plans to close more than fifty schools, reports WBBM's Mike Krauser.

Protesters marched in and around the neighborhood around Jesse Owens Community Academy at 125th and State.

Michael Brunson with the teachers union said they're marching because they're fed up.

Chicago Teachers Union Begins 3-Day Citywide March

"For too long, there has been an assault on our public schools, public services and public property. This has gone too far. We will not let you take away our children's schools. We will not let you deprive our children of their futures. We will not let you jeopardize our children's live," said Brunson.

They marched through the neighborhood, teachers, parents, students and activists. Linda Mafiola has been the music teacher at Jesse Owens Community Academy for 11 years.

"All that garbage in the media when they say 'Bad teachers, they don't work hard enough. They get too much money.' Boy, do I get angry. We work six days a week for these kids," said Mafiola.

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