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Chicago Concealed-Carry Advocates Welcome New Law

CHICAGO (CBS) -- In an historic move, lawmakers in Springfield over-rode Governor Pat Quinn's objections to meet tonight's midnight federal deadline to enact concealed-carry.

The law allows concealed weapons in the home, vehicle, restaurants, private property, and churches, but forbids them in schools, government buildings, taverns, mass transit, and in areas with posted signs forbidding them.

CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports some folks can't wait.

Chicago Restaurant Owner Won't Welcome Guns

Deborah Gowder says she can't escape the danger of being mugged while walking the streets of her Englewood neighborhood, a place where she says she was attacked decades ago.

"As soon as I made that turn to go into the alley, he grabbed me. I said well, if I would have had something on me I could have turned around and confronted him," said Gowder.

She's a great-grandma who already holds a Chicago firearms permit and FOID card and says she's ready to be able to legally carry a handgun on the street and protect herself.

"It's just very uncomfortable. I would feel much better if I had something on me too," said Gowder.

Governor Quinn believes the concealed carry legislation approved today still carries dangers of its own.

"It has shortcomings that will lead to tragedies," said Quinn.

But gun shop owners say that doesn't fly with them. They say the 16 hours of training required to get a concealed carry license is part of the reason why.

"That's a lot of class. It's more than most states require," said Freddie Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports.

Under the new law, qualified gun owners could holster their handguns and carry them down the main streets of the state, but not everywhere and not tomorrow or next week.

"You have to go through a background check. You have to be fingerprinted. You have to get your conceal carry card. And have it on you with your FOID card here in Illinois," said Lutger. "It's not a free for all at all"

On top of all those requirements, there's a $150 fee for the concealed carry permit and Illnois State Police still have up to six months to set up a system to accept applications.

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