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Chicago Band Searches For Stolen Instruments

(CBS) -- A local band is appealing for help finding their stolen instruments.

They were on the road near Kansas City when a thief broke into their trailer and snatched their instruments.

Band members had a great gig. But when they returned to their trailer in the morning, they got a rude awakening.

"The lock was in two pieces on the ground and basically the police were just waiting for us there," Luc Parcell says.

The Chicago AfroBeat Project was on the road near Kansas City when someone broke into their trailer, parked near their hotel, and made off with thousands of dollars' worth of instruments.

An entire drum kit was gone. So, too, were two keyboards and both of the guitarist's instruments.

"We were just devastated," another member, Kevin Ford, says.

He posted pictures of the stolen instruments online. One is a distinctive Gibson Les Paul with black and gold hardware. The other is a Hofner hollow body with a natural finish.

Band members are hopeful someone will spot the unique instruments. They say Kansas City police are monitoring local pawn shops.

But Ford, who also runs a Chicago recording studio, says it's about much more than money.

"When you lose the tools of your livelihood it's really stressful," he says.

Hotel surveillance cameras may have captured the thieves taking off. But the band is also reaching out to musicians online, warning that what might look like a good deal could be their stolen stuff.

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