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Career Coach: Revamping Your Resume

CHICAGO (CBS)-- It may be time to update our resume.

Through this job crisis, CBS 2 is Working For Chicago and working with a career coach every week to bring you advice about looking for and landing a job. This week, the career coach is helping you revamp your resume.

Lynee Alves, president of Interview Like An Expert, says to start with a professional summary instead of the old school objective, highlighting your key strengths and skills.

"I usually interview clients about what they love doing in their work and then we convert that into elements of their professional summary," Alves said. "I have a few examples for you, 'dedicated to delivering high quality work' and 'committed to supporting company goals.'"

One thing people ask Alves a lot is how many years of experience to put on your resume. She says don't list more than 20-to-25 years and the experience doesn't have to be chronological.

"From most important to least important and most impactful to least impactful, so think about the fact that people want to see the most exciting information first," she said.

She said employers are looking to know how your experience will help them.

"In terms of listing your professional experience, you want to list not just what you've done, but what you've done and how it has benefited the business you worked for," Alves said.

Under each of your past roles, include two to three bullet points. Alves said to be consistent in the amount of points and don't overload certain roles and underload others.

"Some of the candidates who come to me will repeat the same items from job to job even if they've been at different companies," She said. "I really recommend people change it up, you don't want to be repetitive."

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