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Burbank Family Plagued By Gasoline Smell

(CBS) – Members of a suburban family say they are plagued by the strong smell of gasoline, and the source could be from a gas station next door.

The family's nightmare began about a week ago, CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.

No matter which way the wind blows, Cynthia Wiest smells gasoline.

"Non-stop," she says.

Her Burbank home near 79th and Laramie sits just steps from a BP gasoline station.

The smell started last Wednesday. Dozens were temporarily evacuated from nearby homes. The fire chief says the odor was coming from the sanitary sewer line. The line has since been flushed, but Wiest says the smell hasn't gone away, even with an industrial vent.

"The gas smell is here every day. It comes in waves. There's no rhyme no reason, and you smell it through the whole house."

A representative from the environmental company hired by BP was out at the gas station Thursday. A hole has already been dug to try and find where the gas is coming from and see where it's traveling.

"I want everything back to normal," Wiest says. "I want my life back. I want to be able to sleep at night and not have to get up all night long."

The Burbank fire chief says he was personally at the home today and the fumes are not ignitable or at explosive levels. Additional drilling is expected Friday to try and find where the gas is coming from.

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