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Biggs: Bears Can Be OK With Offensive Line

(WSCR) Expectations for the Bears offense have never been higher.

With weapons like Jay Cutler, Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall, there's no telling what this offense is capable of achieving. There is, however, the glaring question of the offensive line.

Still, one Bears expert thinks the team can be OK with current offensive line.

"I thought the line was OK during preseason," Brad Biggs of the National Football Post and Chicago Tribune told The Mully and Hanley Show. "Again, I've said all along, they're not going to win any awards. They're going to have to pay their own way to Hawaii. I think they can play acceptable football. If (Gabe) Carimi can develop and get back to where he was, and you're only worried about one guy on that offensive line, you're going to be OK. You can scheme, you can help and you can do everything you need to help out one guy you're not sure of on the offensive line. If you've got two, then you got a real problem."

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Biggs also discussed the Cutler-Marshall combo, but cautioned fans to not expect the Bears to ignore the run.

"I think they're going to go to Matt Forte in a big way, anyway," Biggs said. "Everybody is talking about the passing game and that probably makes them really happy, because they're still going to run the heck out of the football. I think they're going to go out and run the offense."

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