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Best Pierogi In Chicago

I may not understand why you don't pluralize "pierogi," all despite my Polish grandmother, but that doesn't bug me all that much. All that matters to me is the sweet taste of pierogi on my tongue. Isn't that enough? No, I'm not some expert on Polish cuisine. I doubt you are either. Regardless, I know what tastes good. Here's a list of places with pierogi that simply taste good. Whether you speak Polish or not, I hope you appreciate it.
Pierogi Man

Pierogi Fest

119th St and Indianapolis Blvd
Whiting, Indiana
July 29th, 30th, 31st
11 am-10 pm
11 am-5 pm on Sunday

Though only held one weekend a year, Pierogi Fest is worth mentioning since, you know, it is the end all and be all of everything pierogi in the midwest. Listen, I wouldn't just tell you to drive to Indiana to have lunch or dinner. This is a full day affair with a weekends worth of events. From pierogi eating contests, to bands throughout the day, there's more to do than you could imagine. Plus, you know, there's all the pierogi to eat. Don't explode!


The fact that Staropolska is a buffet shouldn't let you fear for the quality of the food, it's all good. In fact, I'd say it's all great. Pile as much pierogi on your plate as you can, they won't mind. Plus, their soups tend to be pretty awesome. And it's all fairly cheap! Tasty food at a good price, what more could you ask for?


A nice but comfortable restaurant with a huge bar inside, Szalas focuses on bridging the difference between American tastes and Polish highlanders' cuisine. They do a pretty good job. Not being a fan of sauerkraut, I personally stay away from sauerkraut soup. Everyone else tells me it's great though (everyone else also has better taste in food). I love their potato pancakes, which are definitely more up my alley. For those of you that are less adventurous (like me), but still want a distinctly Polish dinner, try the Polish plate: pierogi, sausage, stuffed cabbage rolls on potato pancakes and hunter stew. "Nomnomnomnom," is the sound I make when I eat all that.


Red Apple is another superb, buffet-style, Polish restaurant that offers great food at great prices. There's never a shortage of meat (roast beef, sausages, turkey...) at Red Apple Buffet, along with tasty pastries and, you guessed it, pierogi. Just make sure you don't put your head underneath the sneeze guard, it's rude.


According to their website, Kasia's was voted "Chicago's Best Pierogi." By who, I do not know, but unlike most empty claims, this one might be true (okay, two seconds of research has revealed that it was from Taste of Chicago). Stop by for lunch and have one of Kasia's tasty deli sandwiches, which taste even better with some pierogi on the side. You can also take many of Kasia's best meals home with you, since they sell their food in bulk from their delis. In fact, Kasia's is so good, many major grocery stores in the Chicago-land area carry their pierogi. Keep an eye out next time you go shopping!

So there you have it! Multiple chances to put Chicago-land's pierogi to the test. When you're done, tell me your results. I'm always looking for more reasons to eat pierogi.
Mason Johnson, CBS Local Chicago
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