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Behind The Wheel At The Chicago Auto Show: A CBS 2 Special

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The 2021 Chicago Auto Show is electrifying the city in the summer this year.

It is a show that almost didn't happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but now it is one of the first to return to McCormick Place – with new rides, new experiences, and new trends.

On Thursday evening, CBS 2 took you Behind the Wheel at the Chicago Auto Show. Watch the full special on this page.

Mary Kay Kleist has a look at the first-ever Auto Show Street Fest on Indiana Avenue:

CBS 2's Jackie Kostek hops in a few vehicles for the Chicago Auto Show – including the Ram truck, the Dodge Challenger – which goes 0 to 60 in four seconds – and the new Ford Bronco:

CBS 2's Lauren Victory has a look at some of the electric vehicles making a spark at the Auto Show:

It wasn't clear whether the 2021 Auto Show would go ahead due to the pandemic, but it has gone ahead -- in the summer rather than the usual winter slot. Here is a look at the process of getting McCormick Place up and running:

Cesar Marin of Perillo Auto Group joins CBS 2's Jackie Kostek for a look at the Super Car Gallery at the Chicago Auto Show:

More at the street fest with Mary Kay:

People are hungry to get behind the wheel these days, but buying a new vehicle is a big challenge – because they're so hard to find. CBS 2's Jim Williams reports:

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