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Artist Picks: Leaderboard

Week Seventeen Results:

Neither Corey Smith or Rodney Atkins can catch a break! Rodney beat Corey again by one game!  Rodney made 11 correct picks this week, after successfully picking 12 correct games three times this season. But Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line wins the season with 13! We think Rodney is pretty amazing and definitely gets the Most Valuable Player in this season's Artist Picks! 


Rodney Atkins:  11 - 5

Corey Smith:  10 - 6

Corey Smith’s Live in Chattanooga album features a set from the legendary Track 29 venue in Chattanooga, including favorites like “The Good Life,” “Party” and “I Can’t Help Myself.”   And note that on Jan. 5 of next year, Rodney will perform in Nashville at the famed Grand Ole Opry.

Week Sixteen Results:

Rodney Atkins had another amazing week. He got 12 picks correct yet again!  Corey Smith was a close second with 11 correct picks.  The results are so close, the two stars are going up against each other again next week! And it's a good thing for Rodney.  He's picked 12 correct games three times this season - but Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line is still ahead with 13!


Rodney Atkins:  12 - 4

2nd Place

Corey Smith:  11 - 5

Corey Smith’s Live in Chattanooga album features a set from the legendary Track 29 venue in Chattanooga, including favorites like “The Good Life,” “Party” and “I Can’t Help Myself.”   And note that on Jan. 5 of next year, Rodney will perform in Nashville at the famed Grand Ole Opry.

Week Fifteen Results:

Brian Kelley of  Florida Georgia Line wanted an Artist Picks rematch after barely losing to his bandmate Tyler Hubbard last week. And just for fun we threw  Dustin Lynch into the mix.  They all picked well - but it was a good call on Brian's part because he won with a whopping 13 correct picks. Now he's on top of our Leaderboard for the season! 


Brian Kelley: 13 - 3 

2nd Place

Dustin Lynch:  12 - 4

3rd Place

Tyler Hubbard: 10 - 6

Florida Georgia Line just released their brand new album Here's To The Good Timesfeaturing the hit single "Cruise."

Dustin Lynch
 has been topping the charts this year with his latest self-titled debut which features the hit single "She Cranks My Tractor." 

Do you share the same football strategy with your favorite artist?  Go for more Artist Picks.

Week Fourteen Results:

As we said, the boys of Florida Georgia Line were only one game off with their picks - and Tyler Hubbard correctly picked the Vikings over the Bears to come out ahead of Brian Kelley as the winner of this week's Artist Picks.


Tyler Hubbard:  8 - 8

2nd Place

Brian Kelley: 7 - 9

Florida Georgia Line just released their brand new album Here's To The Good Timesfeaturing the hit single "Cruise."

Week Thirteen Results:

Big Kenny keeps his Artist Picks title.  He just squeaked by John Rich by one game in the second face-off between Big and Rich. Way to go Big Kenny!


Big Kenny:  8 - 7

2nd Place

John Rich: 7 - 8

Hillbilly Jedi is Big and Rich's latest album and from it they've just released their second single “Party Like Cowboyz.”  They're also getting in the holiday spirt, check out their message to fans wishing them a season's greetings over at their website.

Week Twelve Results:

The Farm

It was a Thanksgiving rematch for members of The Farm in last week's Artist Picks, only this time it was Damien, not Nick, who came out on top! 


Damien Horne:  11 - 5

2nd Place

Krista Marie:  9 - 7

3rd Place:

Nick Hoffman:  7 - 9 

The latest single from The Farm called "Be Grateful."  You can find the song on their latest album The Farm Inc.

Week Eleven Results:

Rodney Atkins vs. Jerrod Niemann

The two reigning leaderboard champs kept up their amazing rep with outstanding picks this week.  Rodney squeaked in a win by one game! Both country stars remain on top. Wow!


Rodney Atkins:  12- 2

2nd Place

Jerrod Niemann:  11-3

Rodney Atkins is currently wrapping up a tour behind his current release Take A Back Road, featuring the single  "Just Wanna Rock and Roll."You can catch him out on the road into December.

Jerrod Niemann's brand new album is Free the Music, featuring "Only God Could Love You More."  He's currently out on tour in support it, catch him at a town near you.

Week Ten Results:

Brett Eldredge vs. Jana Kramer 

There is a clear winner in this week's rematch.  Brett Eldredge now finds himself at the top of the leaderboard.  And just for the record we gave them both "wins" for the Rams vs. 49ers tie.


Brett Eldredge:  11 - 3


Jana Kramer: 6 - 8 

Both Brett and Jana have brand new singles that have just hit the airwaves.  "Don't Ya" is the latest from the Brett while Jana just released "Whiskey," her second single from her self-titled debut.

Week Nine Results:

Montgomery Gentry

Wow! This one was close! Both Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry had many of the same picks this week, but Troy squeaked out a win by one game!


Troy Gentry:  10 - 4


Eddie Montgomery: 9 - 5 

Montgomery Gentry just released its brand new album, Friends and Family , which features the emotional single "I'll Keep the Kids."

Week Eight Results:

Jerrod Neimann vs. Justin Moore

Despite the similar picks – there was one clear winner in this week’s Artist Picks.   Jerrod Niemann got 12 out of 14 games right this week. Wow! Tying last week's winner Rodney Atkins.


Jerrod Neimann: 12 - 2


Justin Moore: 9 - 5

Jerrod Niemann just released his brand new album, Free The Musicwhich features the single "Only God Could Love You More."

Justin Moore is currently out on the road and playing his latest single "Til My Last Day" from his Outlaws Like Me release.

Week Seven Results:

Darius Rucker vs. Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins killed it in this week's Artist Picks beating out Darius Rucker with a nearly perfect record.  Definitely, the best all year! Way to go Rodney. 


Rodney Atkins:  12 - 1


Darius Rucker:  8 - 5

Rodney's latest single from his Take A Back Road album is "Just Wanna Rock and Roll."  Grab your own copy here and take a listen to him play it live when he visits your town.

And congratulations to Darius who was just inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.  Listen for his single "True Believers," at radio now.  It's the first track to come from his new album due out this 

Week Six Results:

Brett Eldredge vs. Tyler Farr

It looks like Brett Eldredge's singing stint at the Bears vs. Jags game did give him a leg up against Tyler Farr in this week's Artist Picks.  But only a slight edge.  This week was close!


Brett Eldredge: 7 - 7


Tyler Farr:  6 - 8

Released to radio is Brett Eldredge's current single "Don't Ya" and Tyler Farr's "Hello Goodbye."  Listen for them both on your favorite station. 

Week Five Results:

Stokes Nielson vs. Jason Wyatt

Stokes Nielson and Jason Wyatt of The Lost Trailers are going head to head this week thanks to Artists Picks. Stokes Nielson is the clear winner and will surely be gloating all day on their tour bus.


Stokes Nielson: 9 - 5


Jason Wyatt: 5 - 9

Stokes and Jason are currently traveling the country and performing songs from their American Beauty EP, which features the brand new single of the same name.

Week Four Results:

Lee Brice vs. Jana Kramer

Country singers Lee Brice and Jana Kramer faced off with their NFL picks for the fourth week of the season.  And despite Jana’s extensive gridiron knowledge, Lee ended up on top.


Lee Brice:  11 - 4


Jana Kramer:  9 - 6

Both Brice and Kramer currently have singles in the top ten on Country Radio.

Week Three Results:


Members of Farm challenged each other in this week's Artist Picks and Nick came out on top - guessing more than half of these week's wins - even with all the controversial calls!

Nick : 9 - 7

2nd PLACE         

Krista: 7 - 9 

3rd  PLACE         

Damien: 2 - 14

The Farm's latest single "Be Grateful" is available over at their website; While there, also check out their page to see when they're coming to your town.

Week Two Results:

Big & Rich

John Rich and Big Kenny of Big & Rich went head-to-head with their football picks in week two:  And there was a clear winner – Big Kenny dominated, guessing many of the surprise wins!


Big Kenny: 10 - 6


John Rich: 5 - 11

Big & Rich's new album is out now, featuring the new single "That's Why I Pray."  You can your copy of Hillbilly Jedi here.

Week One Results:

Randy Rogers Band

The members of the Randy Rogers Band went head-to-head with their football picks in week one. Here's how they made out:


TIE: Brady Black and John “Chops” Richardson: 10 - 5 


TIE: Les Lawless and Randy Rogers: 9 - 6


Geoff Hill: 8 - 7

The band is releasing their brand new album, this February 12. The album's first single,"One More Sad Song" is out now, download the track Trouble here.

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