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Armed Robbery In Chatham Captured On Home Surveillance Video

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A home surveillance video shows Kelvin Bowers leaving his Chatham house, heading to his wife's car, and being approached by a man pointing a gun at him.

"I put my hands up when he got close to me, and he put the gun to my head, and he told me, 'Get down mother f****r! Get down!'"

After Bowers got on the ground, he said he saw another man with a gun approaching. The tirade of expletives with the gun pointed at Bowers' head continued.

His wife, Toi Bowers, said she saw her husband on the ground with guns on either side of him.

"I started screaming and swearing and saying, 'You're not going to hurt him!'"

The two men fled in a car, and within minutes of the robbery, Bowers said his credit card was used at a nearby BP gas station and a McDonald's.

"It's wrong for you to come out and try to take a man's life and take him away from his family," Kelvin Bowers says.

‪What did two men take from a homeowner, as they held guns to his head? Only on @cbschicago at 6PM.‬

Posted by Suzanne Le Mignot on Thursday, January 12, 2017
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