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Amid Marches And Protests, Family Calls For Justice For Jemel Roberson, Security Guard Shot Dead By Midlothian Officer

MIDLOTHIAN, Ill. (CBS) -- While thousands of protesters are marching after the death of George Floyd, a mother in the southwest suburbs is still waiting for justice for her son.

As CBS 2's Jermont Terry reported, the protests are opening old wounds in Midlothian.

A year and a half ago, a Midlothian police officer shot and killed Jemel Roberson. The desire to get the officer charged in court remains strong.

On Monday night, Roberson's mother said she still can't understand why the officer fired at her son.

On the steps of the Midlothian Police Department, a passionate group rallied Monday night.

The crowd was determined to make sure the shooting of Roberson at the hands of Midlothian police Officer Ian Covey was not forgotten.

"My son's death certificate says murder, so why isn't he locked up?" said Jemel Roberson's mother, Beatrice Roberson.

Back in November 2018 while working security at a nightclub in Robbins, someone fired shots inside.

Roberson helped subdue a gunman who opened fire, but by the time nearby Midlothian police responded – despite the scene being secure – Officer Covey shot Roberson, the security guard, when Covey saw a gun in his hand.

"The police shot my uncle as a thank you for saving all those lives that night," said Roberson's nephew, JaWill Green.

"Not only one time, but four times," said Beatrice Roberson.

Jemel Roberson
(Credit CBS)

An autopsy showed Roberson had been shot four times in the back and side.

Roberson's family and those in the crowd with them Monday night were furious that no charges or developments had taken place 18 whole months later.

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"All over the world, they're demonstrating right now, and people who look like me have to stand up with our black brothers and sisters," said one white man who joined the demonstration.

And while the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has sparked the rallies, Roberson's mother admits watching for weeks stirred up one thing in her mind.

"I felt for the other family. That's what I saying in my mind - what about my son?" Beatrice Roberson said. "What about Jemel?"

And on Monday night with Midlothian police standing by, the south suburban community marched down Pulaski Road – the solidarity providing some comfort for the grieving mother.

"To see this today, it gives me strength," Beatrice Roberson said. "It give me hope eventually something will be done."

The family has filed a civil case against the village and the officer. A criminal case is still under investigation.

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