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Additional Light Poles Removed At Lockport School Following Incident

CHICAGO (CBS) -- One day after a light pole fell on three elementary students at Lockport's Butler Elementary School, district crews spent hours removing at least three more of them. Parents, however, are wondering if the school's action is enough.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports the light pole scare is just one issue on a hefty list of potential infrastructure problems in the district, highlighted in a report published last year. District officials did not want to talk about the issues.

"I am angry, yes," said Jeff Scellato, the stepfather of one of the students struck by the light pole Monday.

Scellato said he wants to know why the pole was, apparently, left to deteriorate to the point that it fell, hitting his stepson, Peyton, fracturing his rib. Peyton is still recovering at home.

"[I'm] sore, very sore. [I] didn't sleep well last night," Peyton's stepdad said of his injuries.

The light pole's collapse illuminated another issue: a report issued less than one year ago by Tria Architecture, detailing $36.6 million in needed infrastructure repairs or improvements at District 33C schools.

The report stated that Butler School needed $3.6 million in repairs. Light poles were not part of the suggested repairs.

District 33 Superintendent Craig Schoppe refused to discuss repair needs, progress, or why repair costs for six schools grew to almost $37 million.

"It needs to be taken care of. Every single one of the schools need to be inspected from top to bottom with a fine tooth comb," Scellato said.

District 33C board members did not return CBS 2's request for a response.


Light Pole Falls On Three Lockport Elementary School Students

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