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Windows Of MBTA Red Line Train Damaged By Person With Hammer

BOSTON (CBS) -- An MBTA Red Line train car was taken out of service on Monday after a man cracked multiple train car windows with a hammer.

The incident took place around 10 p.m. while the train was stopped at the JFK/UMass station in Dorchester.

"I thought it was a gunshot. And then I look out, to where the sound came from, and I saw a guy with a hammer," said witness Roger Lee, who was on his way home from work when the incident happened.

The train was later taken out of service for repairs.

A window on a Red Line train car was damaged after someone hit it with a hammer (Photo Courtesy: @Saitytaro)

The hammer swinging man, who was standing outside on the platform, got away before Transit Police arrived. No one was injured.

"There's no logic behind people who are enrage like that," Lee said.

Some passengers were shocked, but not surprised by the attack.

"Well I've been living in this city for my whole life. I just kinda [kind of] live with it and expect it," Lee said.

Once caught, the suspect faces charges of malicious destruction and disorderly conduct.

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