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'There's A Turkey In My House!' Wild Bird Ends Up In Woman's Chestnut Hill Living Room

CHESTNUT HILL (CBS) -- A Chestnut Hill woman was stunned to discover a wild turkey inside her house on Thursday.

Lisa Spencer told WBZ-TV she "froze" when she found the bird perched in her family room.

"I'm like, 'there's a turkey on my windowsill, oh my God!" Spencer recalled.

She thinks the turkey may have come through a basement door that was open while she had some cleaning done. Spencer called Newton police for help and explained the problem to a dispatcher.

"I'm telling her, 'this is not a joke, this is not a prank,'" Spencer said.  "There's a turkey in my house!"

turkey chestnut hill
The turkey inside a Chestnut Hill home (Image credit: Lisa Spencer)

According to Spencer, police said they didn't have an animal control unit available. She called her daughter to try and find a professional to remove the bird, but that would've cost hundreds of dollars.

"In the meantime it's flying around, it's leaving me presents all over the floor, all over my furniture," Spencer said.

She said the turkey "seemed quite comfortable," but she gave the bird an ultimatum and he walked out the door after about an hour.

"I let him know if he didn't leave he was probably going to be dinner," Spencer said. "Just kidding."


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