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Who can vote in the 2024 Massachusetts primary? What to know about party rules for today's election

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BOSTON - If you're wondering who can vote in the 2024 Massachusetts primary on Super Tuesday, the short answer is any registered voter - even unenrolled voters, commonly referred to as independents.

According to Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin's website, "every registered voter can vote in a primary election. You do not need to be a party member to participate, but your party registration may affect your ballot options."

There are three recognized political parties in Massachusetts - Republican, Democrat and Libertarian. If you're looking for independent candidates on a primary ballot, you won't find them, because the primaries are only for political parties. You'll have to wait until the general election in November.

Can Independents vote in the Massachusetts Republican primary?

If you're an independent in Massachusetts, in other words, you're registered as "unenrolled," you can vote in whatever primary you choose.

So, if you're unenrolled and you want to vote in the Republican primary, all you have to do is ask for a Republican ballot when you check in at your polling site.

"Choosing a ballot won't enroll you in a party," Galvin's website says.

Can Democrats vote in the Massachusetts Republican primary?

If you're a registered Democrat or a Republican, you can only vote in your party's primary in Massachusetts.

How can you change your registration to "unenrolled" in Massachusetts?

If you want to change your party to vote in another party's primary, you have to update your voter registration "at least 10 days before the primary," according to the state.

Unfortunately, if you want to change your party for the 2024 Massachusetts primary, it's too late.

You can check your party enrollment on the state's website and you have three options for how you can make the change - online, through the mail or in person at your local election office or town hall.

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