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Marlborough Man Finds $20,000 In Recycled Book

WELLESELY (CBS) - A Marlborough man's hobby paid off particularly well last month, when his weekly visit to the Wellesley book exchange turned up tens of thousands of dollars.

"I closed the book real quick and ran for my car," the man, choosing only to be identified by the first name Carlos, said of the moment he discovered the book's contents.

He said that the book he found was laced with over $20,000.

Now, the Brazilian immigrant is doing the right thing - looking for the money's rightful owner.

"The first thing I was thinking was, 'let me see if I can find a name in this book, then I can give back the money,'" Carlos said. "But unfortunately, I looked and could not find anything."

The book contains no identifying characteristics, but he is hopeful that the owner of the book will realize what they lost and come forward.

He's asking that anyone who wishes to claim the book contact him at, but only if they can identify the book, the approximate amount of money stored in it, and what else was stored with the money.

He said that he will wait a few months for the owner to come forward. If they don't, he'll likely donate a portion to charity and keep the rest.

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