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Water Main Breaks Floods Milk Street In Boston On Coldest Day Of Season

BOSTON (CBS) - A massive water main break flooded part of the financial district in Boston early Tuesday morning.

It happened shortly after 5 a.m. on Milk Street. The block between India and Broad streets was under several inches of water.

With subzero wind chills, there was concern much of that water will turn to ice. Tuesday was the coldest day in the Boston area in three years.

Drivers and people walking are asked to avoid the area. Several buildings in the neighborhood don't have water service. Crews are expected to be there all day fixing the break, repairing the road and restoring water service.

"Tough day to work on a water main break. As we know, the temperatures are ridiculously low," said Tom Bagley of the Boston Water and Sewer Commission. "Sub-freezing temperatures, it's really rough to deal with this. We're doing the best we can."

There's no word yet on what caused the water main break, but officials believe it may have been due to the bitter cold.

Tom Borghesi was walking in the area when he nearly slipped on ice from the water main break.

"I feel bad for those [crews making repairs]. It's terrible. It's freezing out," Borghesi said.

Gary Parker is the owner and operator of CityGolf Boston. He said the water main broke right outside his business' front door.

"I have to give the crew credit. They were on it right away," Parker said. "We're completely operational and thankfully dry as a bone with heat working. So pretty lucky considering how close we are."

Parker said CityGolf had 37 appointments on Tuesday, and lost about 15 of them due to the water main break.

The water main was repaired Tuesday night and service was restored to the area. Milk Street between Broad and India Streets will remain closed Wednesday while the road is repaired.

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