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Veterans Boycott NFL After Anthem Protests Over Veteran's Day Weekend

REVERE (CBS) -- During Veteran's Day weekend, military heroes in Revere gathered to deliberately turn off NFL games, and will continue as long as the league stops short of forbidding players from protesting racial inequality by taking a knee during the anthem.

"I will not watch the NFL again until every single person respects the flag the way we were taught when we were young," said Captain Steven Castinetti, a Navy vet.

Captain Steven Castinetti (WBZ-TV)

Some reports show NFL ratings are down, but it is unknown whether the anthem protests are to blame.

Gold Star mother Beverly Franklin said, "They need to know that it hurts us and it hurts my heart because it's not like they haven't been told. Because they have been told, and you're ignoring it."

Beverly Franklin (WBZ-TV)

Not everyone feels this way, though.

Arnold Vetstein, who fought in the Korean War, said he loves the game so he is not going to stop watching.

"I feel like it's not disrespect for towards flag or the military or people who served," said one man.

Another added, "They're just trying to bring an issue to light."

Revere VFW Hall (WBZ-TV)

But at the VFW Hall in Revere, the TV remains off.

"There are people who lost a piece of their soul and a lot of their heart behind this flag."

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