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Turkey Terrifies Students Outside Roslindale School

BOSTON (CBS) - They say he's a turkey with an extremely bad attitude in Roslindale, chasing school kids and parents alike. On Thursday, the gobbler eluded the best attempts of animal control, remaining free to defend what he clearly thinks is his own territory.

People near the Haley Pilot School on American Legion Hwy. have been getting chased for a while now. "This turkey's been around for the last couple of weeks," says Brent Griffin, a school parent.

Turkey outside Roslindale school (WBZ-TV)

"He chased my son and I across the school lot," adds parent Brittney Moon.

The bird has even prowled outside the K-8 public school, keeping the kids inside. On Thursday afternoon the turkey was as comfortable as could be, hanging out on a car at a Roslindale Wendy's, just down the street from the school. "It just seems to be really territorial," says parent Sean Glover.

Turkey on a car in Roslindale (WBZ-TV)

It even came after our intrepid producer at one point, backing him down the street and he's not alone. "It chased me, too," says Hazel a young student at the Haley.

"My husband has been trying to drop off and pick up my daughter at school, and has been run off by the turkey. And I know the turkey has trapped some people in their cars," says Nancy Allen.

Turkey in Roslindale (WBZ-TV)

So Thursday, Animal Control stepped in armed with a net and made a running attempt, but the turkey was too fast, and just ambled away.

To complicate things, there's a wildlife sanctuary right around the corner from the school where the turkey can take refuge.

CLICK HERE for information about dealing with turkeys.

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