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Family Rescued After Boat Catches Fire In Scituate

SCITUATE (CBS) – At least eight people were taken to the hospital after a boat fire in Scituate. The town manager says it started when a family was fueling up their boat at the Scituate Harbor Marina and it caught fire.

Thanks to a scheduled training, some emergency responders were already in position when this happened. Witnesses said on a different day in different weather this could have been much worse.

"There was a lot of black smoke coming from that boat. It was high. It made you think there was maybe an explosion," said Stan Barr.

A couple and their three kids were fueling up when suddenly their boat, named Sea Smoke, caught fire. They jumped into the water. While they were rescued and rushed to the hospital, the smoke and flames grew.

"I saw all these fire and police coming down the road and everything, I thought it must really be bad," said Barr. "The next thing I saw was this boat they pushed out and it was like black smoke was billowing up from the boat."

Scituate Boat fire
A boat caught on fire at Scituate Harbor marina (Image credit U.S. Coast Guard)

Jamie Mankewich's boat was docked just feet away. "The harbormaster was shooting water at the boat afloat; they knocked the flames down and saved the day," said Mankewich.

Some members of the harbormaster's unit and two police officers were also injured.

The town warned the fire could disrupt water service in the area and cause some discoloration in the water.

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