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Researchers Reel In, SPOT Tag 15-Foot Great White Off Cape Cod

CHATHAM (CBS) - Researchers on Cape Cod are celebrating a "monumental leap forward in the science of the great white shark."

Thursday night, a crew of marine biologists from OCEARCH and the state successfully SPOT tagged a great white shark off the coast.

Unlike previous tags, which only stay attached for about six months, these tags will be able to track the sharks for up to five years.

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It's the first time researchers have ever been able to apply this kind of tag to a 15-foot great white in North Atlantic waters.

The tag will allow scientists to observe breeding, feeding, and other behaviors that they have never previously been able to observe.

"May be the most important fish we've ever caught in our lives." Expedition Leader Chris Fischer said on the researchers' blog.

The state's top marine biologist, Dr. Greg Skomal was given the honor of naming the shark. He named her Genie after Eugenie Clark. Clark was known as "the shark lady" for her studies beginning in the 1950s.

If you want to track the shark yourself, click here.

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