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Man Indicted For Intentionally Running Wife Over In Quincy Driveway

QUINCY (CBS)- A Quincy man who ran over his ex-wife last year, is facing charges for murder. Officers say he killed with intent.

Last fall Yan Long Chow was described as inconsolable and distraught over the death of his ex-wife, but now prosecutors believe the 55-year-old killed her.

Last September, Quincy police were called to a home at 21 Philips St, there they found Zhen li, dead in the driveway.

Chow's attorney insists this is still an accident.

"My client maintains his innocence. He loves his family including his ex-wife and he looks forward to vindicating himself in court," said Defense Attorney Scott Martin.

The couple was said to be divorced but still living together and involved in business relationships.

Chow told police he accidentally hit their house with their Toyota Minivan and she was flung from the vehicle.

However in court documents, investigators said Chow had run over his ex-wife at least four times with the van.

Officers say the motive was his gambling debts.

Allegedly, he was on a two-day gambling bender in Boston the day before Zhen Li died.

She confronted him about it, saying she was going to move back to China without him.

Martin defended his client saying, "There is no motive. He stood to gain nothing from that."

Chow is being held without bail.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe reports


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