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Quarterback Bailey Zappe Was In Tears After Getting Drafted By Patriots

BOSTON (CBS) -- Getting drafted by an NFL team is the culmination of a lifetime of work for young football players. And when quarterback Bailey Zappe got the call from New England, cameras were on hand to catch his reaction.

Zappe was in the hallway when his cell phone rang, with Patriots director of football/head coach administration Berj Najarian on the other end of the line. Najarian handed the phone over to Bill Belichick, who congratulated Zappe and welcomed him to the Patriots.

Zappe maintained his composure while speaking with the Patriots, but once that call ended, he couldn't hold back his emotions.

"I've been crying the whole time," Zappe told his agent via FaceTime.

Zappe couldn't believe that it happened.

"I knew that the Patriots were up, but I was like, the Patriots aren't gonna pick me right now."

After plenty of hugs, Zappe sat down for an interview for the NFL Films show, "Hey Rookie."

"I got drafted by the Patriots. I don't know how to put it into words. This is a dream come true for me. I started -- you know, everybody started crying, I started crying. It's just like a surreal moment for me. It's something I've been dreaming for since I first started playing football at 5 years old. I mean, that feeling will probably never happen again, just that -- that was awesome. Top moment in my life ever."


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