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Police Rescue Dogs Left In Hot Cars At Wrentham Outlets

WRENTHAM (CBS) -- Police rescued two dogs found in hot cars at the Wrentham Outlets in two separate incidents over the weekend.

Shoppers alerted police to the dogs. One was found inside a car with an internal temperature of 135 degrees.  The other was in a vehicle that measured 98 degrees.

Police broke into both cars and gave the dogs water to cool them down.

Wrentham Police Officer Pellegrini cooling down a dog found inside car with 135 degree interior temperature. (Courtesy: Wrentham Police Department)

Animal Control was also on scene and issued citations to the owners.

"As is always the case, the owners eventually showed up and seemed surprised to learn how fast a car turns into an oven," Wrentham Police wrote on a Facebook post. "A lesson learned, unfortunately at the expense of their pets."


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