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Pfizer Recalls Thermacare Heat Wraps That Could Leak, Burn User

BOSTON (CBS) -- Pfizer Consumer Healthcare has issued a nationwide recall for some of its Thermacare heat wraps because there is a possibility that the contents can leak out of the wrap.

"The use of a leaking/damaged heat cell wrap could cause skin injuries such as burns/blisters and/or skin irritation on the wrap applied area," said the FDA.

Thermacare Heat Wraps (Photo Via

Six different wraps are being pulled from shelves, including Thermacare wraps for muscle pain, joint-muscle pain, and menstrual pain. They were sold in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Island from Sept. 2017 to Aug. 2018.

If you have one of the recalled wraps, Pfizer says to stop using it, record the lot number, throw it away and call them at 1-800-323-3383 for a replacement or reimbursement.

For a full list of the recalled items, visit the FDA's website.

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