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Over/Under: How Many Wins For Patriots After 4 Games?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was an over/under Tuesday night on The Adam Jones Show's "Game Of Jones," with Rich Keefe hitting Jones with the following topics:

Number Of Patriots' Wins After Four Games: Over/Under 3.5 Wins

"I think I'm going over. By Week 4, Jimmy Garoppolo should be back; that's a guess, but by Week 4 he should be back. I've already told you I like their chances Thursday regardless of who is out there -- whether it's Garoppolo or Jacoby Brissett or Julian Edelman or A.J. Derbry or T.J. Yates. I like their chances on Thursday on a short week against the Texans, coming here," said Jones. "If I like their chances Thursday night and Garoppolo should be ready against a dumpster fire Bills team [in Week 4], I think they are going 4-0 at this point."

Games Played For Rob Gronkowski This Season: Over/Under 11.5 Games

"I'm going to go over that too, and I'm just basing it off of this current injury. He needs to be back before Brady," said Jones. "If he misses this week, fine. But if he's back in Week 4, that's 13 games, and even another game to play around with later in the season if he has a setback somewhere along the lines or a separate injury. I know he's an injury-prone guy but I think they're managing him for a reason, or he and his camp are managing it for a reason. I'll take the over on 11.5 games."

How Many World Cup Of Hockey Games Did You Watch Start To Finish: Over/Under 1.5 Games

"I watched all of the USA-Europe game while I was working, and I was watching that North America game [Monday night]. That's going to be the team -- all Team USA fans, hop on team North America. I know interest is going to wane, if there even was interest in the tournament before, but the [US is done after two games]. That is pathetic," said Jones.

David Price's Postseason Win Total Over/Under Rick Porcello's Postseason Wins Total

"It's not like Porcello has a great postseason track record either, but how can you trust Price and his postseason record? He does this every year; he pitches great down the stretch and helps get his team to the postseason, and then goes out and poops himself," said Jones. "The way Porcello is pitching this season, it has to be Porcello. So under for David Price; he isn't going to win as much as Porcello in the postseason."

In A Year-Long Fantasy Football League, The Number Of Losses To Start The Year Before You're Toast: Over/Under 3.5 losses

"[Panic] has already set in [if you're 0-2], but I would think you can come back from an 0-3 start. I think you can overcome an 0-4 start," said Jones. "I would say the answer is over; you can win seven straight after an 0-4 start."


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