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NH Woman Says Burglars Released Her 'Inner Lioness'

CONCORD (CBS) - Sue Brewer was fast asleep when strangers were suddenly in her bedroom in the middle of the night.

"I wasn't afraid," 67-year-old Brewer said. "I got angry. And that anger welled up inside of me. And I started hollering at them, and telling them what to do and where to go, politely."

Sue chased the two men away.

"They ran," said Brewer. "They were afraid of me. It released the inner lioness in me, they were in my territory, they didn't belong here and I told them that."

Sue is one of several recent victims in the northern part of Concord, New Hampshire.

Police say the same men may be responsible for breaking into homes.

With cooler temperatures, more people are sleeping with their windows open and Concord police say that's an invitation to burglars.

At Sue's house, they climbed in through the kitchen window.

The men got away with an electronic device she uses to speak with her husband who's in a group home.

"And that's the only way he knows how to communicate with me," said Brewer. "He has a harder time with phones, he doesn't own his own phone."

Sue ended up with bruises on her hand.

She's not even sure how the injuries happened but she does know she's glad she stood up to the burglars in her bedroom.

Nobody has been hurt in any of the break-ins, but police worry a future incident could turn violent.

Investigators have recovered some physical evidence from some of the crime scenes and they are hoping that could lead to the people responsible.


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