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Mayor Tom Menino Reconsiders His Stance On Death Penalty After Boston Marathon Bombings

BOSTON (CBS) - When the clock read 2:50 p.m. Monday, for some it was an undeniable flashback.

For others it was silence, peaceful silence.

And after the moment of silence, Mayor Tom Menino, in an uncharacteristic turn, called for the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

"I have never supported the death penalty but I will say in this one I might think it's time this individual serves his time with the death penalty," Menino said.

The statement came after Menino sat with a crowd in little Martin Richard's neighborhood, alongside Sen. Elizabeth Warren, saluting the lives lost one week later.

Martin, 8, was killed in the Boston Marathon bombings.

At neighborhood schools some children were understandably resistant as they returned to school after April vacation.

"He's a little nervous, didn't want to go back this morning, and got him up and got him here," one parent said.

A police cruiser was outside Richard's school on Monday.

Richard's mother, in the hospital fighting for her life, is a librarian there.

The children of the school made cards Monday, to send to the Richard family.

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