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'Shortages Of Everything': Companies Say COVID-19 Has Caused Supply Chain Breakdowns

BOSTON (CBS) - From lawnmowers to refrigerators, there are supply chain problems at companies all around the world.

George Washington Toma TV & Appliance, Inc., in Weymouth has been around for years. But never have they gone through a period like they are experiencing now during the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID has slammed the brakes on everything, from steel and aluminum production, to electronic control boards.

"What's happened is there's shortages of everything," said Alan Stern of George Washington Toma. "So we're seeing large back orders on things, like dishwashers and refrigeration."

One of the world's biggest manufacturers of compressors for refrigerators is in Brazil, and production has been drastically curtailed. Even factories in Massachusetts have been slowed by COVID.

"Men and women, working shoulder to shoulder, pre-COVID, were able to produce literally twice the product that they are able to produce now," Stern said.

From refrigerators to cars and trucks, COVID has forced a slowdown. Even power equipment companies are struggling.

At Morrison's Power Equipment in Plymouth, getting new lawnmowers or leaf blowers is no longer a matter of placing the order. And it's given rise to a jump in repairs.

"Getting new components from overseas has been very difficult. So I think that slows the process down," said Cody Morrison of Morrison's Power Equipment. "You kind of have to decide, well, do I really want to fix this or should I just buy a new one. But, with availability being so difficult, we may have to look at putting money into machines that we would traditionally advise people not to repair."

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