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'It Makes Sense': Lexington Parents Relieved About Half Day Of School In Dangerous Heat

LEXINGTON (CBS) -- Parents in Lexington say they're relieved the public schools in town are calling it a half-day on Monday.

"It's hot and it's early for it," parent Laurie Lane told WBZ-TV. "It makes sense because of the heat. I can understand there's no air conditioning in the schools, so it's a good idea for safety reasons."

Middle school students in the Lexington Public Schools district will be let out at 11:30 a.m., high school students will be dismissed at noon, and elementary school students get out at 12:30 p.m.

Parents say they feel for their kids, not only because of the extreme heat, but with the COVID-19 restrictions in the classrooms.

"I absolutely feel for them. It's terrible, I couldn't imagine," said parent Rich Axtell. "I remember being in schools here when I was a youngster in the next town over in Bedford and the summer months were terrible without the air conditioning. To have to have that with the mask on all day, I couldn't imagine."

Unbearable enough that some schools don't have air conditioning, students also aren't allowed to use water fountains during the pandemic.

Add a face mask, and parents can understand why schools are sending kids home.

Out of caution for students and teachers, schools in several other communities are also opting for early release Monday.

We'll be feeling the heat, but Axtell doesn't mind it at all.

"What's crazier? This heat wave or last week when it was a daytime high of 40-something? For me and I think the kids here, I know it's really welcomed. I know they like to be outside and stretch their legs."

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