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Keller @ Large: Boston Is Perfect For Kevin Durant

BOSTON (CBS) - It seems the Boston Celtics will have a chance to make their pitch to free agent Kevin Durant, the All-Star forward from Oklahoma City.

But what real chance do we have when we're up against NBA powerhouses like Golden State and San Antonio, where they're already title contenders, and garden spots like Miami and L.A., where winter is someone else's problem?

Why would a superstar like that choose us over them?

Because Kevin Durant has got soul, and so does Boston.

Durant is considered one of the NBA's most philanthropic players, pouring time and money into charity work. He will find that altruism highly valued here, home to Catholic Charities, one of the nation's largest social-service providers.

Durant is not Catholic, but he is a devout Christian who reportedly attends chapel before every game. He will fit right into a deeply religious community where spiritual teaching and principles are regularly applied to civic life.

Durant likes to invest his millions in real estate; he owns several residential properties and a restaurant. Is there a hotter residential real-estate and restaurant market in the country than Boston?

I'm sure the folks in Oklahoma City love Durant. But there is no place on earth that loves its sports heroes more than us. Come here and win a title and he will never pay for your own jelly donut again.

One final selling point: Durant is backing a group called "Strong and kKnd" that promotes the compatibility of kindness and strength.

Hey Kevin - come settle in the birthplace of Boston Strong. You will feel right at home.

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