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Keller @ Large: Suggestions For Next Time Capsule

BOSTON (CBS) - I see they opened up that 210-year-old time capsule they uncovered at the State House, and found newspapers, coins and a military medal. And they're thinking of reburying it with some contemporary items added.

Photo Gallery: Time Capsule Opened At MFA

If they do, I have a few suggestions of what to put in it, just to get you thinking of your own.

We should include one of those tickets they give you when you arrive at the Registry of Motor Vehicles waiting room. Incoming Gov. Charlie Baker swore he'd cut wait times at the RMV, as a symbol of making state government work better, so that ticket will remind future generations that he either did or didn't make good.

Let's also add one of outgoing Gov. Deval Patrick's more memorable sermons about our generational responsibility and our obligations to community. Those were always heartfelt and worthwhile.

Also tuck in some news clippings about the managerial failures that left the community hanging, as a warning about the limits of what sermonizing alone can do.

Let's throw in a losing ticket from Suffolk Downs to remind future generations that, once upon a time, a good blue-collar living could be made here, before we became a place they had to flee to survive.

And like they did in 1795, enclose a token of our military. Two centuries later, we still need them.

Yes, let's be candid with the future about what our times were like here.

And let's not sugarcoat it.

Listen to Jon's commentary:

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