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Keller @ Large: Why New York Is Inferior To Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - With another Red Sox-Yankees showdown upon us, trash-talking between the two cities was bound to follow. And sure enough, the New York Post has weighed in with a front page story listing reasons their city is superior.

Of course, it's nonsense. Here's why:

* The Post says Boston is "incapable of making a good pizza."

LOL! Too bad they were napping when Tripadvisor named Boston's Regina Pizza the best pie in the country. And besides, any city that puts tomatoes in chowder has no business judging anyone else. That's disgusting!

* The Post claims: "People are too embarrassed to say 'I went to Harvard.' They say 'I went to school in Boston.' As if going to school in Boston is somehow better."

"Embarrassed to say I went to Harvard"? Are they kidding. If anything, Harvard grads are too eager to brag about it.

Meanwhile, everyone knows Columbia is the safety school of the Ivy League. It's almost twice as hard to get into Boston College as it is to get accepted at Fordham, nearly four times easier to get into St. John's than it is to get into BU.

New York a better place to go to school than Boston? New York, home of giant rats seen dragging large pizza slices down the street. What are they smoking at the Post?

* The insanity continues with the Post's claim that all Bostonians would move to New York if they could. Wrong.

Too bad Post editors can't or won't read headlines like this one and this one, about people fleeing New York even before the pandemic hit, while Boston has been a newcomer magnet.

* And the last resort of Red Sox haters, ancient history, the all-time record between the two teams, Yankees 1,232, Boston 1,033.

To which there is one simple but devastating response: 2004. The greatest collapse in major league history.

And here's a bonus reason why New York is inferior to Boston - more than 230,000 New Yorkers pay good money each day to read the Post, a shocking lack of judgement.

For the same two bucks, you could treat that rat to a bottle of wine to wash down the pizza slice.

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