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Jogger Rescues 2 Children From Brookline Reservoir

BROOKLINE (CBS) – Two children were rescued from the Brookline Reservoir on Monday afternoon. A jogger named Rebecca saved them after the stroller they were in accidentally fell into the water.

Rebecca, who lives in New York and did not want her last name used, says she saw the baby carriage rolling toward the steep edge with two kids in it. Their mothers had their backs to the carriage at the time.

"By the time I got there the carriage was face down in the reservoir," Rebecca said. "So I jumped in and flipped the carriage and the children were buckled in and at that point it was waterlogged so I couldn't really take it out."

Rebecca rescued two children at the Brookline Reservoir. (WBZ-TV)

The kids were one and a half and four years old and neither of the mothers could swim. One mother jumped in anyway and grabbed onto Rebecca, making matters worse.

"I was definitely out of breath from running, but I'm a pretty good swimmer," Rebecca said.

Holding up the carriage with one of the mothers clinging to her, Rebecca made it to a point where she could stand up. Others then helped get the kids out.

"As soon as I flipped it one of the little girls started crying, so I was like OK they weren't in there for too long," Rebecca said. The kids were taken to hospital as a precaution.

Police say Rebecca's heroism was unbelievable. "There's a higher power that has a plan and she was meant to be here today to save those kids," Brookline Police Sgt. Robert Disario said.


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