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Turbulence On Flight From Boston Injures 24 Passengers

BOSTON (CBS) – A JetBlue flight out of Boston hit severe turbulence late Thursday night, sending 24 people to the hospital.

Flight 429, which departed from Logan Airport destined for Sacramento, was forced to divert and land in Rapid City, South Dakota due to turbulence.

The turbulence was so bad that there were reportedly cracks in the overhead bins.

As a result of the turbulence, 22 passengers and two crew members were taken to an area hospital for evaluation. The injuries were minor.

"People went flying, things went flying," one passenger told CBS Sacramento.

JetBlue Plane
A JetBlue passenger receives medical attention following a turbulent flight out of Boston. (CBS)

Passengers from the JetBlue flight arrived in Sacramento Friday morning after a new plane was brought in.

One passenger told CBS This Morning about the terrifying moments.

"It felt like we hit a wall, though obviously we didn't. And then we began to drop," he said.

It appears the turbulence was caused by severe weather.

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