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'Have Some Fun With Them': Police Offer Advice For Dealing With 'IRS' Scammers

BRAINTREE (CBS) – Police in Braintree say the city is getting slammed with phony calls by people claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.

But instead of simply advising people to just hang up if they suspect a bogus call, the Braintree Police Department is jokingly suggesting that targeted residents "play along and have some fun" with the scammers.

"Try and waste AS MUCH of their time as possible without giving out your real info," Braintree police wrote on Facebook. "Really, stick it to the scammer!"

The department also tweeted that residents can tell the scammers to "come get me" if threatened with arrest.

The police department wants everyone to know that "the real IRS" does not call people and they definitely don't accept payments in the form of gift cards.

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