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I-Team: New video shows Mayor Wu's police cruiser running red light weeks after crash

I-Team: Video shows Mayor Wu's driver running another red light
I-Team: Video shows Mayor Wu's driver running another red light 02:57

BOSTON - The I-Team has obtained new video of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu's police driver flashing emergency lights while running a red traffic signal at an intersection in Dorchester last Friday. This comes just weeks after the mayor's unmarked police cruiser got into a crash with a young mom in Roslindale, sending her and her little boy to the hospital.

The cellphone video shows Mayor Wu's SUV entering an intersection against the traffic light with emergency blue lights on. On June 6, in a similar situation, the mayor's police driver collided with Yosemary Pena and her toddler. Both times there was no emergency.

Folks the I-Team spoke to in Boston said, "it kind of feels like an abuse of power."

Michelle Wu police cruiser
Mayor Michelle Wu's unmarked police cruiser goes through a red light at an intersection in Dorchester on Friday August 25, 2023. CBS Boston

Others questioned what kind of emergency it could be that they would have to use lights and sirens, telling the I-Team, "It kind of gets in the way of actual emergencies." Some say it's just not necessary.

But, on WGBH Public Radio in June, the mayor said it was necessary, calling it fairly standard practice for dignitaries to use emergency lights to get around traffic. "That is something that is unusual and I think should, and is used sparingly," Wu said on WGBH. "I do have to get all around the city in all different locations. On my calendar today, I have eight different meetings... sometimes it is when there is an important commitment to get to those lights and sirens do go on."

Sources say the important commitment on Friday, was a news conference about the crisis at Mass and Cass.

Some residents told the I-Team they think it's OK for Wu to use emergency lights. Another woman said, "that's a no for me honestly. Honestly I can say she's trying her best, but for you to use police sirens and there is other things that you should be worrying about and you're worried about getting to a meeting. That's a no go for me."

Mayor Wu's car (center bottom) had it's blue police lights on when it crashed at Hyde Park Avenue and Blakemore Street in Roslindale, June 6, 2023. CBS Boston

These days, Yosemary Pena says she has plenty to worry about. Her 18-month-old son was hurt in the June crash and she is still getting physical therapy for her own injuries. The mom of three is now driving a borrowed van, telling the I-Team her car has $8,000 in damage and her insurance has a $1,000 deductible.

Boston police are investigating the crash. Department policy does not specifically mention using emergency lights to transport dignitaries, but it does require emergency vehicles to come to a complete stop when entering an intersection against the light. At the time of the crash, the mayor told WBZ she was not paying attention to the road and was on her phone.

The I-Team asked the Boston police for a copy of the completed investigation but did not hear back. Yosemary Pena tells us she hired a lawyer and has filed a claim against the city. The mayor's office says the Law Department is working to resolve her case.  

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