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Hurricane Matthew Forces Travelers To Change Boston-Bound Flights

BOSTON (CBS) – With Hurricane Matthew ready to bear down on Florida's east coast, travelers scrambled to change their plans.

Many on a flight from West Palm Beach to Logan Airport were able to rebook and leave early to get out of Matthew's path.

Harriet Martin says she could already feel the growing urgency.

"The grocery stores are a combination of Christmas, New Year, and the Fourth of July. It's so crowded, people are all over the place," said Martin, who left Florida a day earlier than anticipated.

Donna Cochrane had to make this trip to see family in New Hampshire, but is worried about leaving behind her husband and son.

"Absolutely, I've been through three hurricanes including Wilma and was out of power for two weeks. I left them to put up the storm shutters. We're just outside the evacuation zone so hopefully it will be OK," she said.

The passengers all left the rush to the grocery store and the lengthy lines for propane and gas.

Deb Young made it to Del Ray on Monday only to turn around and come home.

"There's no water in the stores anymore and the gas lines are crazy. I waited in line over an hour to fill up the car," said Young.

Hurricane Matthew has left its mark, and while it appears calm on the Florida coast now, Jo Forcier knows what's coming.

"I have shutters but you'd be in there all enclosed, no air conditioning, can't see the light," said Forcier. "I'm happy I'm not there."

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