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Patriots' Hunter Henry Says He Would Miss A Game To See Birth Of First Child

FOXBORO (CBS) -- Hunter Henry and his wife, Parker, will be welcoming their first child sometime in December. Henry will not be missing the special occasion for anything -- not even a Patriots game.

The New England tight end discussed his baby dilemma on Wednesday, as the Patriots prepare for their upcoming Monday Night showdown with the Bills in Buffalo. The baby isn't due until the end of the month, but we all know that babies arrive whenever they want to.

Henry is hoping that this life-changing event will happen on any day other than a game day. But if it comes to it, Henry will miss a game to see the birth of his first child.

"That is a tough conversation. This is my first, man. If it had to be a game or seeing my first born be born, I'm going to go see my child be born," Henry said Wednesday. "We're going to do our best to not have that come across."

Henry and his family have a few backup plans in place, just in case.

"The biggest issue is when the game starts, and if she goes into labor during the game, that is where the issue lies," he explained. "But we're ready and have a lot of backup plans to be ready to go.

"We have a lot of family coming up this time of the year, especially with the holidays. It's nice," he continued. "Having family around for her for support, especially with these next two games being on the road, we'll have family close by to make sure she's good."

Ideally, baby Henry will make his grand entrance sometime shortly after Monday night's game, with the Patriots set to enter their bye week. They'll have 12 days off before their next game, which will be in Indianapolis against the Colts on Dec. 18.

"But it probably won't work out that perfect," Henry said with a smirk.

Sounds like Henry is already well-prepared for parenthood.

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