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How Did Marijuana Chain Smoker Aaron Hernandez Pass NFL Drug Testing?

BOSTON (CBS) -  One revelation from the Aaron Hernandez trial is that the former Patriots tight end was an avid marijuana user, described by prosecution witness Alexander Bradley as a "chain smoker" of the drug.

With that being said, how did Aaron Hernandez never fail a drug test in the NFL?

The Boston Globe's Ben Volin tells 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich it's actually pretty easy to skirt the league's drug policy.

"The NFL does ban marijuana, but they almost don't. Everyone in the league smokes it all the time. As long as you're not in the drug program, and as long as you don't fail an initial test, you can pretty much smoke it as much as you want," Volin said.

"I did a lot of research yesterday because I thought like you guys. How can Aaron Hernandez smoke that much weed, play in the NFL and never miss a game? For recreational drugs you only get tested once a year between April and August, and realistically most of those tests happen during training camp. Once you pass that test, you're good for the next eight months.

"I think every year Aaron Hernandez pretty much just stayed clean for that one time period when he was going to be tested, and then he could smoke until his heart's content. It's pretty amazing a guy who smokes that much never failed a drug test or got himself into the drug program."

The guys also discussed Rolando McLain, Robert Kraft's testimony, Chandler Jones' hip injury and more.

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