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Aaron Hernandez Pen Pal: 'Let Jury Decide If Guilty Or Not'

BOSTON (CBS) - The man who received a jailhouse letter from Aaron Hernandez is shedding some light on what he wrote to the former Patriots tight end and why he went public with the exchange.

Going by the name "Karl," the man joined TMZ Live shortly after the online celebrity site published the letter Thursday afternoon, and said he wrote to Hernandez to show his support. Karl claimed he also served time in the Bristol County Jail, where Hernandez is currently being held without bail in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd.

"I explained him that I was no one to judge him, and I believe he should have a fair day in court -- let the jury decide if he's guilty or not, not us like everyone is doing," said Karl.

"I don't think it's right. Don't get me wrong I give my condolences to the victim... I wish I could support them in any way I can. I'm just in support of someone I looked up to. I think he's a young guy, and all the stuff that I've learned and been through I want to pass it on to him. Hopefully that can make him a better person. That's why I went [public] with this."

"I'm not someone to judge. Right now we're hearing one side of the story. We're hearing their side of the story and not his side of the story," said Karl.

"Let's give him his day in court and let's hear how it really went down before we judge him. But no one is doing that, everyone is presuming him guilty already and throwing him away and down-talking him. I'm not going to do that, I'm not someone to judge him. I don't think anyone is."

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Included in the letter were photos of Hernandez with his fiancee and young daughter.

"When you're in there there really is nothing to do, nothing to look at. If you have those, those are something you can cherish," said Karl. "He's able to look at his daughter and stay positive while he's in there."

Karl said it took about a week to hear back from Hernandez, and he intends to keep writing to him. Though the two have never met, Karl would like to visit Hernandez in prison -- if he allows it.


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