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New App Helps Public Track, Report Sharks Off Cape Cod

CHATHAM (CBS) - It used to be that people came to Chatham in the summer for the beaches, or shopping and dining. Now, it's for the sharks.

And with the seal population exploding, more white sharks are showing up. State biologists have tagged many of them. And now there's an app that will allow you to see where the tagged sharks are.

"White sharks are apex predators, so they play an important role in the ocean," says Cynthia Wigren of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy who came up with the app, called "Sharktivity".

Shark Tagging
A shark feeds on a seal off Nauset Beach. (Image Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy/Wayne Davis)

"A big part of what the organization does is to work to try and change public perception by supplying them with fact based information and we're gathering that information by funding the science," Wigren said.

But not only does the app show where the tagged sharks are, but it allows users to report their sightings.

Sharktivity app (WBZ-TV)

"They're helping us to follow where the sharks are going which helps us do what we're doing in terms of public safety," said Marianne Long, of AWSC.

Cape Cod harbormasters say the app will help them too. "The key is the public is going to get information more quickly," said Chatham Harbormaster Stuart Smith.

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