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Georgetown School Officials Investigating Allegation Of Racial Slurs Following Fight During Football Game

GEORGETOWN (CBS) – School officials in Georgetown are looking into accusations that racial slurs were used during a Friday night football game that was cut short due to a fight.

It happened during the contest between Georgetown and Roxbury Prep Charter High School. Players from both teams and several coaches became involved.

The final minutes of the game were canceled and Georgetown Police worked to disperse the crowds. Georgetown won the game, 48-8.

Roxbury coach Jamaal Hunt posted on Facebook that he was "still numb" following the game.

Georgetown brawl
A fight broke out during the Georgetown High Roxbury Prep football game (WBZ-TV)

"The fact that there was nothing I could do to protect my boys hurt the most. I broke down, I watched racism ruin whats something that was supposed to be good to them, Friday night lights but instead we were ridiculed, called N bombs by players, faculty, staff, spectators and were taunted all night," Hunt posted.

On Monday, Roxbury Prep Dean of Students and head football coach told WBZ he was appalled at the behavior of the fans and players of Georgetown. "Multiple players came back to me saying they were called the N-word and racial epithets thrown at them," Roxbury Prep Head coach Willie McGinnis said.

McGinnis also says his team's bench was too close to the opposing fans. "They were intermingled with our bench area, that's how close they were," McGinnis said. "And there was no separation between fans, students and players. So our students and staff did hear that from the student fan section and also from players on the field."

Georgetown Superintendent Carol Jacobs says she is looking into the incident. "What I am hearing happened, there were throughout the game allegations of the use of the N-word by players fans, and students. The referees didn't hear anything, but we will keep our minds open until we know all the facts," Jacobs said.

At one point during the fight one of the coaches from Roxbury Prep slammed one of Georgetown players to the ground. "Our coaches were focused on separating the teams and player safety. It was not done maliciously, and it was pulling players apart from each other," McGinnis said.

School officials are still investigating the incident and they are asking for parents and students who may have more cell phone video to please share it so they have a better understanding of what actually took place.

"I am not making a judgment that it happened or didn't happen, but I am sure there will be an educational outcome," Jacobs said.

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