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Felger & Mazz: Florio Says Big Rule Changes Coming To NFL

BOSTON (CBS) - Mike Florio of NBC's Pro Football Talk, the man dubbed "The Godfather of Football Gossip" by Michael Felger, stopped by the 98.5 spot on Radio Row to talk to Tony and Mike this afternoon. While they touched on a medley of football topics, rule changes were the most prevalent in their discussion.

Florio said that he believes Goodell's new playoff proposal will be approved in March, and then implemented for the 2015 season. This proposed scenario adds a third wild card team to each conference, resulting in two more games on Wild Card Weekend. In this scenario, the (8-8) Pittsburgh Steelers would have found themselves in the playoffs this season with the last seed in the AFC.

He went on to say that he believes changes to official reviews are coming, that would mirror the model the NHL uses. In professional hockey, there is a league official watching all of the night's games from a central "situation room," and all reviews go through this official rather than the on-ice referee. This would eliminate the "going under the hood" aspect, and ultimately speed games up.

In regards to an extra point adjustment, he believes that change is still a couple years away.

In the interview Felger and Mazz also chat with Florio about the Miami Dolphins botching the Nick Caserio situation, the Wes Welker hit on Aqib Talib, and of course, Super Bowl XLVIII.

Listen for the full interview below:

Mike Florio On Radio Row


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