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Felger: Manning Loss Helps Brady's Legacy, But Should It?

BOSTON (CBS) - Patriots fans rejoice: Peyton Manning moved to 1-2 in Super Bowls after losing 43-8 last night in the Meadowlands.

Manning won his fifth NFL MVP award over the weekend, and another Super Bowl ring would've made for great offseason fodder for which quarterback, Brady or Manning, is the best of this generation.

Luckily for Patriots fans that didn't happen, but even though Peyton Manning lost his second Super Bowl yesterday, he still had a better year than Tom Brady.

"In terms of the Brady legacy, it helps Tom that Peyton lost last night, but should it? This year went to Peyton Manning, I'm sorry," said Michael Felger Monday afternoon.

"Brady versus Manning this year? Peyton Manning was better. Peyton Manning was better in the regular season, he was better in the postseason and he beat Tom Brady head-to-head in the only game that matters - and that game was borderline non-competitive. This year goes to Peyton Manning."

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Felger doesn't think getting to a Super Bowl and losing should be a knock against Manning in terms of his legacy versus Brady's (the way he played is a different story) - but Marc Bertrand still thinks the loss helps Brady's legacy. Not the loss necessarily, but the lack of a win.

"I think some of the reaction to Peyton Manning today is way over the top, and I think he's getting far more crap than he deserves. But I do think the fact that he didn't win helps Brady, because he had a shot to win a second one and he would've had two and been one behind. Manning still has one and Brady has three, he's two behind instead of one behind," said Beetle.

Listen below for the full discussion:

Manning Loss Helps Brady's Legacy


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