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Ed Davis On Paris Attacks: 'Exactly What We Fear Most'

BOSTON (CBS) - At least 100 people have been killed in a series of coordinated terror attacks in Paris.

WBZ-TV Security Analyst Ed Davis says the attacks are likely a continuation of the war in the Middle East. "There's no question in my mind that this is ISIS," Davis said Friday evening.

One of the scenes of violence was a soccer stadium where explosions could be heard. The explosion went off during a match between France and Germany.

A police official said 11 people were killed in a Paris restaurant in the 10th arrondissement.

At a different location, a hostage situation was taking place. At least 100 people were being held against their will at a concert hall.

"This is exactly what we fear most," Davis said. "A Mumbai-style attack with multiple teams simultaneously hitting different places."

A national emergency in France has been declared.


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