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Woman Accused Of Drunk Driving After Crashing Through Barricades, Getting Stuck On Closed Bridge

GREENFIELD (CBS) -- A woman is accused of drunk driving after she crashed through barricades and attempted to cross a bridge that was under construction, Greenfield Police said. It happened around 7:30 a.m. at the General Pierce Bridge.

Police said the 2015 Nissan drive through road closure barricades then continued to drive onto the bridge "until it fell off the decking onto the exposed I-beams. The vehicle was unable to continue as the tires were not touching the surface any longer."

The driver was taken to Franklin Medical Center for evaluation.

She will be charged with operating under the influence of alcohol and several other civil infractions, police said.

No one else was involved in the crash.

The car needed to be towed from the bridge, which is still closed for traffic.

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