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Dave Maynard Epitomized What Broadcasting Was (is) All About

     I lost an idol, a teacher, a mentor, a counsellor, a friend and a colleague when Parkinson's disease took the life of David H. (Heartfelt) Maynard.   To say that Dave epitomized what broadcasting was, and is all about,  is not an over-statement.   He had the voice, he had the wit, he had the intelligence and most of all, he had the compassionate understanding of his audience, and he used every ounce of his gifts, to serve others.   Oh, he wasn't afraid to take on any issue, obstacle or not, but his innate feelings for the people on the other end of his microphone, made Dade Maynard the legend he will always be.     The WBZ internal family, the WBZ audience and the radio and TV broadcasting industry as a whole has lost one man.....who may have been "the best."

     When I came out of the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts to attend broadcasting school in Boston, Dave Maynard was there to share his knowledge as a teacher.    When I got my first job (while in school) delivering mail in the WBZ, WBZ-TV studios on Soldiers Field Road, always right there with a smile and an encouraging pat on the back..."hang in there kid"......was Dave Maynard.  He mentored me on everything from enunciation to "how to"  make a resume.

     When we became partners on "Maynard In The Morning", I knew this was big.   Yuh, there was a guy across town named Jess who gave Dave and "BZ's Morning Team" a run for the money, but Dave was the Captain and with LaPierre, Gil Santos, Don Kent and Joe Green on his side, Dave Maynard knew how to use all the weapons, involve the audience and I believe there was no more dominant force,  in any broadcasting market in the country, than the force orchestrated by Dave Maynard.   He delivered millions to charity, found organ donors for sick children (i.e. Jamie Fiske) he fed the hungry, he saved lives (literally talking a distraught man out of committing suicide..on the air during his show) and to was "A Piece Of Cake" and the world is a better place because of him.

     R.I.P my Friend.........Rest In Peace!!!!

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